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🍓Yisel Tapia🍓

I am a queer Latine nonbinary story artist, a 2023 graduate of the San Jose State University Animation/Illustration program, the Director of the animated short film Amongst The Myrtle Trees, and the former Social Media Coordinator of the Shrunkenheadman Club. These titles make up some pretty important facets of myself, but at my core, I have always been a storyteller. Animation has been my favorite medium for storytelling since I was six years old, and I made a promise to myself way back then that I would someday push beyond the limits of reality to evoke a connection with our individual humanity through animation. The work I do as a story artist creates growth and connection within the rich world of a story that hasn't had a chance to be told yet, with an emphasis on the flawed and beautiful aspects of being human in an unreplicable, unique, and yet relatable way. 

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